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The Brain is Where You Live

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J. Christine Dean, MD
  North Carolina Licensed
  North Carolina Certified  Specialist

1311 Westbrook Plaza Drive, Ste. 100
PO Box 24458
Winston Salem, NC  27114-4458
(336) 659-8202
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Why is EIofNC so unique to our patients?

Dr. J Christine Dean and the Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina (EIofNC) provide a comprehensive resource facility for patients living with epilepsy and seizure disorders. Dr. Dean set up the Institute as a not-for-profit corporation so that she had the freedom to determine her own destiny. When a specific patient need arises, she is free to take action. Examples of this include expanding the EIofNC’s offerings into psychiatry to combat an increasing level of clinical depression that she saw in epilepsy patients, and being among one of the first medical providers in the Triad to actively reach out to the increasing Hispanic population in North Carolina.

Dr. Dean believes in the complete approach to treating her patients, and she treats each patient as an individual case study. The result of this was her development of the Brain Behavior Connection (BBC) “Classifying the seizure and prescribing the proper drug, that is only 5 percent of it,” says Dean. “The rest is really knowing the patient’s personality, their family structure, and understanding their responses to even the simplest of things. It is my goal to work with my patients to understand what their seizure triggers are and to figure out when they are in a danger zone.” Dr. Dean’s 25 years of experience in the field of neurology and epilepsy have taught her that there is a desperate need for comprehensive care. “Treating patients as an individual case study allows us to look at all aspects of his neurological makeup, through EEG, MRI imaging, neuropsychological testing, clinical interviews and behavioral modification. Without this kind of team approach, a misdiagnosis is likely, which could be catastrophic for the patient.”

At the Behavioral Health Center of EIofNC, Dr. Dean’s team of psychologists, physicians, social workers and learning specialists work together to provide appropriate treatment protocols. “I am dedicated to improving my patient’s overall quality of life,” says Dr. Dean. “When we are able to help someone turn it around, to be able to go out and do the things that most of us take for granted—drive a car, go to school, have a family—that is what makes it all worthwhile.” Dr. Dean also travels to RHA assisted living facilities all over the state to provide her unique style of comprehensive care to patients that do not have local access to treatment. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Dr. Dean is a unwavering believer in the continuity of care. “It does not matter what time a patient is in need, we are here.”

A dedicated animal lover, Dr. Dean also incorporates pet therapy into her treatment protocols, which has been extremely well received with her pediatric patients.