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New Services

Dyslexia Screening

The screening service provides answers for parents with children at risk for Dyslexia. This service will also help if you have concerns about your child’s success in Reading, Spelling and Written Language.
After testing, a report will be provided to inform you about your child’s strengths and challenges in Reading, Spelling, and Written Language.
You can share this with your child’s teacher so they will understand specifically what your child needs to be a successful student. It will also be a guide for parents so they can help their child.
You will also receive a resource packet which   contains tools to help you understand how your child learns. There are strategies for reading, homework, Dyslexia resources, tutoring, therapy and more.
Your child deserves to have the confidence and motivation to be a successful student.

This service is provided by
Melanie C. Todd, BS
Certified Wilson Language Teacher
(336) 659-8202

Dyslexia screening is not covered by insurance, therefore you are responsible for any charges that are involved with this service.