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Lunch with Mariel Hemingway

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Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina Announces Mariel Hemingway

Ms. Hemingway to speak at Old Town Club for National Epilepsy Awareness ‘Purple Day’ on March 29, 2012. Purple Day - The International Day for Epilepsy Awareness takes place March 26 annually.  Event will be from 1pm - 4pm. Only $25 minimum donation; however, any amount above $25 is greatly appreciated.  AND is Tax Deductible.

There will also be a ‘Yoga Workshop’ with Ms. Hemingway at Graylyn International Conference Center, Atlantis Room, 9am – 12pm. Admission: $50.00 ($25.00 if purchased prior to March1st) Ticket purchase IS Tax Deductible  Click HERE for Yoga Workshop


Winston-Salem, 09 February 2012: The Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina (EINC) announced today that Mariel Hemingway will speak at Old Town Country Club on Thursday, March 29, 2012 for Epilepsy Awareness Day ‘Purple Day’. Ms. Hemingway, an Academy Award Nominee, author, businesswoman, adventurer and healthy living advocate is also the granddaughter of illustrious author, Ernest Hemingway.


EINC is committed to providing highly individualized medical, social, psychological and educational services to patients with epilepsy and other neurological and behavioral disorders. As an independent nonprofit corporation, EINC is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for our patients and to providing unlimited access to the diagnoses, treatment and ongoing support necessary to live their lives in the least restrictive setting possible.


Ms. Hemingway, a long-time advocate of holistic health and wellbeing, has a lifetime of experience with epilepsy due to the diagnosis received by her sister, Margeaux, when she was a teenager. Mariel is the mother of two daughters, and is a nationally acclaimed speaker on topics of behavioral health conditions, environmentalism and humanitarian concerns.


Dr. J. Christine Dean, Medical Director of the Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina, is pleased to partner with such a noteworthy advocate. "So often, the treatment of patients can be compromised by lack of both attention and information. Patients at EINC rely not only on medical treatment, but on a caregiver or an advocate to enhance and to manage their care. Ms. Hemingway, and her lifetime of experience with epilepsy and behavioral health concerns is a perfect complement to the mission and the vision of EINC. We are honored to have her name associated with that of epilepsy and of EINC."


As a result of the collaboration of Dr. Dean and Ms. Hemingway, a luncheon will take place on Thursday, March 29, 2012 beginning at 1:00PM at Old Town Country Club in Winston-Salem.   Only $25 Minimum Donation and it is tax deductible. Any 'additional donation' above $25 is greatly appreciated as it helps defer costs and is Tax Deductible. For ticket information, please contact Rick Aaron at 336-659-8202, extension 133 or at Admin@eiofnc.org. You can also make payments online by 


Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, the Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina is committed to enriching the quality of life for children and adults challenged with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.